A leaker named Ice Universe recently tweeted about a picture that crashes and softbricks* smartphones (especially Samsung and pixel) when set as lockscreen wallpaper.

The condition when the device can't be used one way or other, but can be fixed using relatively simple methods such as deleting a file or resetting the device.

This simple image is causing Android phones to crash and then enter a state of being soft-bricked when the image is set as lock screen wallpaper. Upon being set, the device crashes and continually turns the screen on and off on the lockscreen. There’s no way to leave this loop as even a reboot causes the phone to keep doing this after turning back on.

Reason: Specifically, this is an issue with the color space of this specific image. Typically, Android wants to display sRGB, but this image uses the RGB color space instead. Android 10 doesn't support conversion of color space. This isn’t an issue with this image in particular, as others could cause the same problem.

I strongly recommend not to try this. I tried it on my emulator and it went crazy😂
For those who are still eager I'm sharing the link
Backup your data before trying this :)
Click here for wallpaper

Source: 9to5google