In the leadership of Education Minister of Telangana Sabitha Indra Reddy, Cheif Secretary Somesh Kumar, high-level committee on education recently submitted its report on the question of ” whether to conduct the examinations of PG, degree & B.E or not?”. Here is a summary of it.

1. In the report, it is suggested that no examinations should be conducted for engineering students even for the final year students who are about to graduate.
2. The report also says that it becomes very difficult to conduct examinations of engineering students because of coronavirus and also because of the public interest litigation filed against it in High Court
3. Examinations should be conducted for Degree and PG students it is not possible to cancel exams for the students like that of engineering students
4. Engineering students should be passed based on internal marks based on the marks scored in the previous semester.
5. Within two or three days the report is to be placed in front of KCR and his about sign it after clear evaluation.